Safety Rules

Your account data is extremely confidential and should not be shared with anyone. It is best to choose a difficult password consisting of letters, numbers and punctuation to ensure the highest protection for your account.

Please do not add your email address or phone number within the ad description to protect your privacy, just place them in their designated location and choose your preferred method of communication.

You must explain to the buyer any defects in the product offered for sale, in order to avoid accusing you of lack of credibility and deception and may also result in your account being blocked by us.

Be sure to meet the seller / buyer in public places.

Check your product well before paying, and if you find any defects you did not know before, do not buy it.

Do not transfer or send any funds to the seller in advance where payment must be received upon receipt of the product to ensure your rights.

Be aware if the price of the product is very low compared to its market price.

If you believe that there is a conflicting ad and a lack of credibility, report it to us for review.